3 Pillars of Online Strategies

There are three broad base criteria that you need to satisfy for your business to be successful online, this is what I call 3 Critical Pillars of Your Digital Transformation.

Pillar 1: Contents Why is content important?
Education is the new sales after all! Your content will educate your prospects on what you are all about. So your content must be valuable to your visitors, you must have clear call to action on your content. Second reason is, Google will index your page based on the content it finds on your site.

Pillar 2: Syndication Look at syndication as a form of branding, you need to have your brand out there, you need people to be able to relate to your brand. Social media is a pretty effective way of syndication your messages to your prospects.

Pillar 3: Amplification Only when you have your Pillar 1 and 2 solidly in place, you can build on your Pillar 3. This is where the fun really starts, where you will be able to scale your business to no limit!

Television and radio (believe it or not!), and search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, paid advertising are part of the tools that you can use to capitalise and grow your business.

Huey Liew 3 Pillars of Online Strategies for Small Businesses

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I hope you’ve found this site interesting, and I also hope I can helps you understand the way your online strategies will be your best and most effective means to stay relevant to your prospects.

Your Contents

It is the first thing that you want to make sure to be in proper order. Take for example, if your content is crap, chances is that I will never to return to your website, period.

Having good contents are not enough, you will need to have excellent contents that will convert your prospects to like and trust you. Only then you can optimise your conversions, if your conversion s**ks, there is no point in getting tons of traffic to your web properties.

Your Social Media

Social media is among the most time consuming activities that you can undertake to improve and grow your online presence. The big question is "Should you outsource your social media works?"

If you decided to outsource your social media works, you will need to keep in mind that your success is not in the amount of posts you put out there, but rather on the amount of interaction you have. The interaction that you continuously build trust with your prospects.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic and Conversions

Traffic is the easiest to fulfill in the overall scheme of your digital endeavour. However you must not be blinded with the FREE traffic hypes!

Two important metrics that you need to be familiar with.

1. Return On Investment (ROI)
2. Client Acquisition Cost

ROI is easy to understand, if for every dollar you put into your advertising campaign, and you make $2, you have a winner, your ROI is 200%. Your limit is the sky! However if you only get 50 cents back ... it's a bad proposition.

So we always talk about ROI for the like of AdWords pay per click or Facebook Advertising, where you need to pay for every click to your website.

On the other hand search engine optimisation is a different ball game altogether. ROI for SEO is kind of rubbish talk in a way. How do you quantify ROI for your SEO spend?

So the performance for SEO is better measured with client acquisition cost. As your web traffic grows your client acquisition cost must reduce.

SEO strategy in itself is not suited for all businesses, the benefits will come ... if only you have build up your traffic ... Huey Liew Search Engine Optimisation SEO Organic Traffic Trend

... and yes, if and only if you convert when the phone rings!

Huey Liew SEO Perth Call Tracking Trend

and when it rings, are you able to convert them into sales?

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