Do you fully understand the value of search engine optimisation SEO investment?

Our favourite strategies are Pay Per Click (AdWords and Facebook) advertising combine with search engine optimisation. I hope you are not one of the many business owners who underestimate the importance of SEO rankings, as it is crucial to improve your sites ranking in today's competitive markets. Do you fully understand the value of search engine optimisation?

Good SEO investment reaps great financial rewards, bad ones may break your business

The top ten websites on competitive industry have invested a vast sums of money on content creation and marketing in general, marketing in this instances include search engine optimisation. These leading websites with the best Google rankings have one thing in common, a large marketing budgets and they are not afraid to spend. As market leaders, they know they need to rely on competitive keywords to ensure they appear on page one.

Take for example the below, let's call them Company A. They have started to optimise their website way back before 2011.

Web Traffic Organic Trend Company A

Free” traffic value : $62,800 per month ($753,600 per year)
Visits to website : 9,000 visits per month
Interaction rate : 3%
Enquiries : 270 per month
Conversion rate : 60%
New customers : 162 new sales per month
Average sales value : $950
Additional sales :
$153,900 per month ($1,846,800 per year)

* If the interaction rate is improved to 6%, annual additional sales would be $3,693,600!

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Digital Myopic

How much would you invest to defend the 9,000 visits to your website?

Let's simplify this a little. Say for instance, from the graph above, you started in January 2012, and say again between Jan 2012 to Jan 2016 you spent on average $5,000 per month on SEO. In short, this means you would have spent approximately of $240,000 in the last four years to build an asset that is giving you $62,800 worth of organic traffic every month, money you otherwise have to spend on AdWords the get the 9,000 visit to your website. Assuming that the traffic worth is stable, your annual organic traffic is worth in excess of $753,000 a year … “FREE” from Google!

So, in essence, would you consider your investment has paid-off? Would you be able to grow your Google ranking with a budget of only $500 per month?

Any business owner who fails to understand the value of using desirable keywords is doomed from the beginning. An SEO noob might come along and sell you his so-called $300 per month dream SEO package and depending on your mood, you may possibly fall into their sale hypes.

Always begin with the end in mind, take a step back, and ask yourself, “What would it do for your business if you have 9,000 visits to your website?” How about just conservatively you are converting just 1.8% of these visits into sales? You would have about 162 new sales every month. Assuming your value per sale is $950 each; your website will be securing about $154,000 per month into your bottom line, or a whopping $1.8 million per year.

The unskilled SEO newbie knows nothing about the value of keyword ranking. He makes empty promises and tells every industry and business that he provides the cheapest SEO package on the market. Do you still think SEO is expensive? Successful SEO packages are affordable, not expensive.

Business owners who do not know the value of good keyword ranking and the business that come with it tend to settle for cheap packages that rarely get sustainable results.

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