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Like most people, my family is very important to me. My three daughters and son … ops two daughters and son. Julie, my wife pictured between my daughters, is my pillar behind everything I do. My family is the reason for my being.

I am a husband and father first and a mechanical engineer second. My third passion is to share the little I know especially with the younger generation. I regularly hold free workshops such as HVAC Wednesday and WordPress Saturday. Connect and ask me any HVAC questions on LinkedIn or join my Facebook on SEO Myths to chat about digital marketing.

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My Professional Registration

huey liew engineer australia chartered professional engineer
huey liew victoria registered building practitioner
huey liew registered professional engineer of queenlands

Being an engineer ...

… has given me the opportunities to explore many different parts of the world. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, and my work has brought me to Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, USA and last 15 years in Australia, starting in Adelaide, then Perth and now Melbourne.

During these times I experienced how different people approach problems at hand differently, some better than others, nevertheless every engineer is different.

Here are some of the things I do 

My Interest

If you ask me what I do for fun, I would say …


Digital marketing


HVAC Wednesday

I love to share what I learned professionally and personally. You are welcome to attend my HVAC Wednesday and WordPress Saturday. Connect with me on LinkedIn for details.

diminishing effect of insulation thickness

Diminishing effect of insulation thickness

evaporative cooling wet bulb depression efficiency

Evaporative cooling wet bulb depression efficiency

AS1668.2 How to verify the percentage of outside air in an enclosure

How to verify the percentage of outside air in an encloure

How to size u-trap AS/NZS 3666.1

How to size u-trap to AS/NZS 3666.1

air diffuser coanda effect

What is coanda effect

My passion

Climate change is real, how do we mitigate its effect?

…by first understanding the Energy Hierarchy, then doing the right thing!

Huey Liew

Chartered Professional Engineer


“If it is not better, faster and cheaper, why bother?”

– Huey Liew

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